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Rai for her

Rai for her is a polish dietary supplement brand focused on women’s well-being. The target group are women between 20 and 45 years old, who are looking for vegan, natural and trusted supplements and are fully aware of the needs of their body. Educating women is one of the brand’s missions. Rai for her wants to empower women and inspire them to talk about their sexuality, needs and well-being. Sorority, bliss and comfort are the keywords of the brand. Rai for her offers three products: CHILLAX for stress reduction, PMS RELIEF for reduction of tension and irritability during PMS and HOT N’ HEAVY to enhance libido. All products are 100% natural, vegan and gluten free.

task & solution

The brand name is a wordplay: “rai” sounds like “raj” which means “heaven” in polish. The brand identity is based on the idea of feeling heavenly, light and relaxed. The brand is warm and lifestyle rather than cold and pharmaceutical.

The heaven metaphor was visually translated into colorful and soft gradients that can be read as a rainbow when placed next to each other, creating a whole spectrum of health help. Gradients also reflect the idea of change: the product helps you transition from one state to another. The chosen colors reflect these transformations. The most important word in the product’s name is bolded so it can be easily found on the shelf when looking at the range of products. Furthermore, each product has a main color making it easily identifiable.

The general composition reflects simplicity but the text is contrasted with a very clear information hierarchy. The logotype focuses on the first part of the brand name: RAI. “for her” is treated as an additional information, leaving room for future brand development (for men, for kids etc.) The letters can be associated with stencils: a subtle visual metaphor of homemade and revolution: the brand wants to be perceived as a game-changer in the dietary supplement industry.

The project was featured by The Dieline, Lovely Package and Packaging of the World.

client's testimonial

„I had the opportunity to work with Zuzanna in a team, first on the Glov brand, and then as the founder of my own - Rai for her. She not only listens to the client's needs, but goes much beyond typical cooperation, helps with technical issues. I feel fully taken care of with each collaboration.“

Aleksandra Siuda, brand owner


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