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My passion is working with brand starters who challenge conventions.

I’m a creative, down-to-earth human being with a penchant for analyzing. I like to know the whys and hows. I want to connect people who have a real passion for their product with the right audience. To me, design is all about storytelling and trying to have fun in the process. It is also the ability to shift attitudes through an emotional connection.

On my bucket list: designing a board game and a cookbook!

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I graduated from Ecole Boulle (Paris, France) and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (Warsaw, Poland), where I later worked as a teacher and assistant. I honed my skills in branding and marketing agencies, but I’ve also worked as an in-house graphic designer, which helps me understand and adapt to the needs of various businesses. I belong to the Polish association of graphic designers, STGU.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Sometimes I join forces with other creatives, including:
Pigeon makes art (illustrator)
Paulina Radoń (illustrator)
Dorota Sobota (illustrator)
me after-hours
Things I do to unwind: I paint and sketch (see my sketchbook), travel, and practice fencing. My guilty pleasure: claw machines! If there was an arcade edition of the Olympic Games, I’d be a world champion. I also love Asian cuisine – at this point, my veins are probably full of green tea…
Zuzanna Walas crosscountry skiing
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Zuzanna Walas fencing
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