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Hi, I’m Zuzanna Walas – a curious & passionate designer with a down-to-earth mindset.
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brand design
art direction

I am a multidisciplinary design partner for brands that want to have a positive impact. My focus is on the beauty & health, culture, and travel industries. I am a packaging lover with more than a decade of experience. I enjoy going above and beyond and believe in the power of surprising and entertaining to spotlight your product or cause.

travel & hospitality

I enjoy helping unique accommodations, slow travel initiatives, and captivating destinations get noticed. Proud to be involved in projects for my birthplace – the city of Kraków – and the development of a new travel brand Goodtime Monty.

culture & social awareness

Top on my list of priorities: drawing attention to important ideas and raising awareness on social issues. I also highly value art and culture’s impact on our daily lives. Case in point: I serve the NGO & magazine Zupełnie Inny Świat as deputy editor-in-chief and head of the creative team.


I’m a big fan of an eco-friendly approach to daily care. I have collaborated with over 8 beauty brands (and counting!) and gladly take on clients who promote a healthy lifestyle and ethical products. Sport is also a very important part of my life.
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Why collaborate with me?

Using design to service impactful ideas is my passion.

I have over a decade of experience in leading projects. I consider my client a co-worker, and I keep a close collaboration through every step of the design process to reach the best creative solution. I provide a strategy and design concepts, as well as develop and execute projects up to the print preparation. Transparency and respect are essential to me - I am always on time.
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I’m all about print and packaging design… I love wandering through boutiques in search of new creative solutions, but I also believe it is a huge challenge regarding sustainability and waste reduction. As a designer, I feel responsible for providing advice in terms of paper selection and print realization.


I chose freelancing to focus on projects that I really care about. I mostly work with small or mid-size independent businesses, non-profit organizations and cultural institutions that share my values. Here are some of them: inclusiveness, self-care, health, social awareness, slow-travel.


Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing product that needs a rebranding, as a strategic thinker I will listen, ask the important questions, guide you and design the right solution. When creating a brand identity, I think about the product as if it was a person. Looks aren’t all that matters: it’s also the behavior, future development, tone of voice… I consider the product’s entire life, the market and consumer behaviors. Rather than just a designer, I aim to be a long-term partner.

multicultural background

My current home is Poland, but I grew up in the melting pot environment of France. I have visited over 30 countries and speak 4 languages fluently (Polish, French, English, and Spanish). This allows me to understand cultural nuances and adapt projects to specific markets.
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What my clients say

"When collaborating Zuzanna adopts a true partner mindset and is 100% dependable and available."

Thomas Bonneau, Goodtime Monty, owner

“When creativity, good mindset and organization are all combined, the result is always fantastic."

Guillem Riba, Agence Be Mad, general & creative director

"Zuzanna is focused on dialogue and cooperation. She precisely communicates her expectations and is attentive to the needs of others."

Adam Nyckowski, Zupełnie Inny Świat, editor-in-chief
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This is where I talk about art, design, branding and packaging.
photo of Zuzanna Walas and Yea-Ji Park
An art exhibition with the korean artist Yea-Ji Park, focused on korean and slavic folk art.