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Liminal Sessions

Liminal Sessions are interactive, holistic experiments designed to imbue awareness and intuition. They offer intimate, open-air environments with fresh, plant-based foods & drinks. The target group are people who want to slow down, focus on the five senses and discover nature.

task & solution

The word “liminal” comes from the Latin root, limen, which means “threshold.” The liminal space is the “crossing over” space – a space where you have left something behind, yet you are not yet fully in something else. It’s a transition space.

The main symbol of the Liminal Sessions logotype is a mystic window opened to new discoveries. It is composed of several elements symbolizing the five senses and nature. The orange symbolizes the earth and warmth. The dark blue symbolizes water and deepness.

client's testimonial

"Working with Zuzanna was an absolute delight. From the very beginning, she was able to guide us in the definition of a strong brand identity and propose 3 different options that were exactly matching with our clients values and what he envisioned. All the communication during this process was excellent, she was very patient with our clients requests and showed a lot of professionalism, talent and experience. We are all beyond happy with the final product that is definitely beyond our expectations."

Ania Kawachi, Production director


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