privacy policy

1. This document sets forth the Privacy Policy for the website, which includes but is not limited to regulations on personal data protection and the security of other data entered into the website by the User.
2. Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.

1. Controller — Zuzanna Walas, ul. Jarzębinowa 46, 05-506 Magdalenka, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 6792995153, REGON [National Official Business Register Number]: 368319937, tel: 22 757 99 19., e-mail:
2. Service — the website available at and all of its subpages.
3. Parties — the Controller and the User.
4. User — a natural person using the Service and providing their personal data in the Service.

1. The Controller is a Data Controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dated 27 April 2016.
2. The Controller processes data within the scope, timeframe and for the purposes that are indicated each time in contents displayed below the forms for collecting User's personal data.
3. Personal data will be shared only with trusted subcontractors of the Controller, i.e. IT service providers, an accounting company and administration.

1. Should the personal data change, the User should update them by sending notice to the Controller.
2. The User has the right to request to access, rectify, delete or limit the processing of their personal data. Moreover, they have the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing and to object to the processing of personal data.
3.The User has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.
4. The provision of personal data is voluntary, however, the lack of consent to data processing prevents the User from using the Service.
5. The Controller may refuse to delete User's personal data, if retaining personal data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Controller is subject.

1. The Controller applies all technical and organisational means necessary to ensure the safety of User's personal data and protect them against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access. Information is stored and processed on highly secured servers, with appropriate safeguards in place that comply with the requirements of Polish laws.
2. The Controller agrees to back up User's personal data.
3. Entrusted data are stored on the state-of-the-art equipment and servers in appropriately secured information storage centres that can only be accessed by authorized persons.
4. The Controller conducts activities related to personal data processing in compliance with all legal and technical requirements under personal data protection laws.

1. For Users' convenience, the Service uses cookies, among others, to tailor the Service to the needs of the Users and for the statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by the website visited by the Internet user to their device.
2. Two types of cookies are used by the Service: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". "Session cookies" are temporary files, which are stored at the User's end device until the User logs out, leaves the website or shuts down the software (web browser). "Persistent cookies" are stored on the User's end device for a specified period determined in the cookies parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
3. The Service uses the following cookie types:
a) "necessary" that enable the use of services available within the Service, e..g they may be used for user authorization;
b) "security" that are intended for ensuring security, e.g. to detect misuse of the Service;
c) "performance" that enable gathering data on how visitors use the Service;
d) "functional" that store User's settings and allow for User interface personalization, e.g. in terms of a chosen language or region of the User, font size, Service layout, etc.

§7. [LOGS]
1. In accordance with the practice of the majority of websites, we store HTTP requests sent to our server (server logs). In light of the above, we store:
a) IP addresses used to browse information content on our Service;
b) request arrival time;
c) reply sending time;
d) customer station name — identification enabled by HTTP protocol;
e) information on errors that occurred when performing a HTTP transaction;
f) URL addresses of websites visited by the User (referer link);
e) information on the User's browser.
2. Data collected in event logs are used only for the purposes of Service administration.
3. Collected logs are stored for an unspecified period of time as an aid to Service administration. Information contained within are only shared with persons authorized to administer the Service. Log files may be used to generate statistics that are helpful in administration. The overall summary in the form of statistics do not contain any information that may help identify persons visiting the Service.

1. The User may contact the Controller at any time for more information on whether and how the Controller uses their personal data.
2. The User may also request that the Controller delete their personal data entirely or in part.
3. You can contact the Controller by sending an e-mail to the
Terms of Service
1. This document sets forth the terms and conditions for using the website
2. The owner of the website is Zuzanna Walas, ul. Jarzębinowa 46, 05-506 Magdalenka, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 6792995153, REGON [National Official Business Register Number]: 368319937, tel: 22 757 99 19, e-mail:
3. By using the website, you agree to comply with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
4. The terms used in the Terms of Service shall have the following meaning:
a) Platform — an on-line platform in Polish maintained by the Service Provider at;
b) Service Provider — Zuzanna Walas, ul. Jarzębinowa 46, 05-506 Magdalenka, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 6792995153, REGON [National Official Business Register Number]: 368319937, tel: 22 757 99 19, e-mail:;
c) Website — a website at and all of its subpages;
d) User — a natural person (with a full capacity to enter into legal transactions), a legal person or an unincorporated organizational unit using the Platform. The User may be a natural person not carrying out an economic activity or an entrepreneur;
e) Consumer — a User who, being a natural person, uses the Platform to conduct a legal transaction not related to their business or work activities, in accordance with the Civil Code Act of 23 April 1965;
f) Terms of Service — this document along with the Privacy Policy that forms an integral part of the Terms of Service. All documents are available at the Website.
5. Users may contact the Service Provider by electronic means at: or by phone at: 512 851 042.

1. The Service Provider provides Users with electronic services through the Platform.
2. The Service Provider does not charge for the use of Services by Users.
3. The services entail providing an on-line access to the Platform. On the Platform, the Service Provider provides in particular the following types of Services:
- the Contact Form,
- description of the Service Provider's offer.
4. The Contact Form Service Agreement shall be concluded at the time of the User sending a complete and correct request through the Platform. The Agreement shall be concluded for a specified period of duration of using the Contact Form.

1. To be able to use the Services available at the Website or through mobile devices, the User must comply with the following technical requirements:
a) possess a computer, laptop, mobile phone or another device with Internet access;
b) have access to an e-mail;
c) use the web browser (the latest version is recommended);
d) enable cookies in the browser;
e) enable javascript.
2. All actions undertaken by Users must comply with applicable laws and good morals.
3. Any use of the Platform intended to cause harm to other Users, the Service Provider or third parties is forbidden.
4. The User agrees:
a) to use the functionalities and resources available on the Platform in line with the Platform purpose;
b) to comply with the Polish laws;
c) to respect the personal and other rights of other Users;
d) not to cause harm to other Users, the Service Provider and third parties.

1. The Service Provider agrees to take all necessary steps to ensure correct, safe, uninterrupted and error-free access to the Platform.
2. The Service Provider has the right to modify the Service and Platform in connection with works being conducted to improve and modernize the Platform. This includes, but is not limited to the Service Provider's right to modify functionalities of the Platform.

1. Each User has the right to lodge a complaint due to any irregularities in the Platform operation within 14 days from the occurrence of such irregularities.The complaint should be lodged by e-mail to: The description of the irregularity should allow the Service Provider to identify and address the problem.
2. The Service Provider shall consider the complaint within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving the complaint.
3. In the case of a major technical error, the Service Provider reserves the right to restrict access to the Platform website.
4. Any possible errors in the Platform functioning, comments and feedback on the operation of the Platform and the Website as well as any violations of the Terms of Service shall be reported to the Service Provider by electronic means.

1. All material, including graphics, trademarks and other information available at the Platform and the Website shall constitute the sole property of the Service Provider or their customers. The abovementioned elements are subject to copyrights, industrial property rights, including trademark registration rights, and database rights and as such are subject to statutory legal protection.
2. Any downloading or use of the materials available at the Platform always require a written approval of the Service Provider and may not violate the provisions of these Terms of Service, generally applicable laws or the interests of the Service Provider.
3. Modifying and copying of any portion of the Website or the Platform that constitute intellectual property of the Service Provider is forbidden.

Any matters not regulated herein shall be governed by the generally applicable Polish laws.Any disputes arising from these Terms of Service and the agreement concluded by and between the User and the Service Provider shall be governed by the Polish laws and settled by competent Polish courts. The competent court for hearing disputes arising between the Service Provider and a Non-Consumer User is the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Service Provider. The competent court for disputes to which a Consumer is party is the court having jurisdiction over the residence of the Consumer.The Terms of Service shall apply from 31 March 2023.
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